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Growing up, I experienced the financial stress and anxiety that divorce and unexpected unemployment can bring. My family's financial instability came while I was attending junior high school in a wealthy Indiana suburb, surrounded by kids with gold cards, the latest fashions, and spring break trips to faraway places. This created a strong desire in me for financial security and led me to work very hard in school, taking advantage of every opportunity. Everyone has a different relationship with money. Some of my clients don't like to think about it and would rather spend their energy pursuing their career. Other clients save aggressively so they have the freedom to retire early. I feel privileged to get to speak confidentially with all types of people and learn about a private topic most people don't often share. It's my calling to help people have a positive relationship with their money and to view it as a tool to help them lead the lives they desire.

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Busy professionals who want to take control of their finances
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