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Cryptocurrency is here.

And clients are asking for it.

  • The average age of a bitcoin investor is 42
  • The average bitcoin investor has at least one college degree
  • 55% said they would be motivated if their financial advisor recommends it
  • 60% of investors think bitcoin has a place in their portfolio
  • Millennials and Gen X stand to inherit $68 trillion in the next two decades

Ready to learn about digital assets and crypto?

Most importantly, are you ready to learn how to make it a part of your practice?

By the end of this course you will:


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Understand what bitcoin is, and how it gives us blockchain technology
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Know several valuation methods and theories around bitcoin and digital assets
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Know why there are so many cryptocurrencies
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Understand the options for custody of digital assets
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Understand how crypto funds work
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Be able to do your own research


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Be able to have conversations with clients about allocation to digital assets
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Help clients allocate to crypto
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Understand the technical and fundamental risks, and evaluate them
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Discuss investment versus speculation
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Determine your providers and systems
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Create crypto estate plans

Receive continuing education credits

• 12 hours of NASBA approved CPA Continuing Professional Education credits included

• 12 hours of CFP Continuing Education credit has been granted by CFP Board

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The Areas of Knowledge


Bitcoin & Blockchain

We get started on the basics of Bitcoin. We discuss some cryptography, and the technicals that get us to the first cryptocurrency. We will talk about how Bitcoin mining works, and some of the key characteristics of public Blockchains.

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Wallets, Custody, & Exchanges

In week 2, we dive into ownership and custody. We cover the basics of wallet management, the on/off ramps from fiat to Crypto, and how we custody or store those assets.

We teach the technology behind wallets, private and public keys, and go into our first transactions.

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Ethereum, DeFi, Smart Contracts

In this module, we cover everything from the Ethereum blockchain to smart contracts to the inner workings of decentralized finance so advisors have a comprehensive understanding of how the decentralized ecosystem operates.

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NFTs, Tokens, DAOs, Web 3.0

In this module, we dive into non-fungible tokens and their wide variety of use cases, DAOs and how they work, and the importance of digital ownership.

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Crypto in Your Practice

We dive into some of the revenue streams you have available as an advisor. We first go into the investment options like crypto funds and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). We talk about your compliance hurdles, available solutions, and custodial options, before showing you some projects you can offer to clients for a fee.

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